What is the Viejo Elementary School Foundation?

Viejo Elementary School Foundation (VESF) generates and provides financial support and enrichment to the school’s academic, social and individual developmental curriculums and programs. It solicits donations and grants from businesses, organizations and other foundations dedicated to support education.

The Viejo Elementary School Foundation is dedicated to improving the educational experience for all students that attend Viejo Elementary School in Mission Viejo, California. The foundation is comprised of teachers, administrators and parents of students at Viejo Elementary School.


We are organized to raise funds to support the education of students at Viejo Elementary. We accomplish this task by accepting charitable donations, writing grants, hosting fund raising events, and operating sales booths in front of the school.

Our mission is to strengthen the learning community at Viejo Elementary School by providing financial support to school programs that promote students’ educational success.


We encourage involvement from parents of current and former students of Viejo Elementary as well as local community leaders and business owners. Events hosted by VESF will always have sponsorship opportunities to allow local business owners to engage and participate in supporting the students of Viejo Elementary.


We welcome cash donations, in-kind donations and even your time to support VESF fundraising activities.